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This wiki documents the findings of research from the scientific field of saccharology, established in 2014 to investigate and report on the EdukayFUN educational video series.

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The original Johnny Johnny yes papa - EdukayFUN video has been painstakingly remastered in 4K HD.


 Age Restriction

The EdukayFUN 2.0 video series have been age restricted by YouTube. The research community lacks consensus in their theories of why this might be the case. One early theory enjoying brief popularity claimed that the manifold complex themes and messages contained within the videos are too powerfully evocative for the immature mind to process. Since even brief exposure is thought to risk permanent psychological damage to children who view the difficult subject matter contained in the videos, some saccharologists speculate that the age restriction is applied in compliance with Community Guidelines as an important safeguard against the content's potential corrupting influence on impressionable young minds. The current prevailing theory suggests that the age restriction has been imposed by YouTube under pressure from "Big Sugar," since the unfortunate fate suffered by Johnny in many of the videos runs counter to their secret campaign to instill in children a permanent, insatiable desire to consume bulk quantities of raw sugar.

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